Whirlpool Appliance Service and Support

Whirlpool Corp. is one of the leading home appliances manufactures, they sell products under different brand names such as KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air and Consul. They started of with washing machines and got very successful that’s why Whirlpool washing machines considered being very reliable in washing machine manufacturing segment. So if you have KitchenAid , Maytag or Amana they might look different on the outside, user interface will be a bit different but all components like motor, pumps, control boards are going to be from Whirlpool manufacturing company.

Its recently Whirlpool started a paperless program which means they are no longer (starting from 2019) providing a paper copy of manuals that usually comes with appliance. But they provide QR code that will give you an electronic copy of the same manual and tech sheet. So if you are missing or lost your user manual, give us a call to schedule an appointment , or tech will come and help you locate the problem and provide you a user manual for your unit.

For tech support call 1-800-488-4791

Whirlpool Appliance Manual

If you just bought your whirlpool unit and want to register your brand new appliance you can do it here.

However if you want to find user manual you can try official Whirlpool website first, if its new unit you will most likely find your owner’s manual there but if it’s an older appliance try this website.

Note: type your model number inside their search bar and then select owner’s manual tab.

If it still doesn’t work then try this database.

Finally if you failed to find your user manual after all those steps give us a call and our tech will help you find the problem and give you directions how to find your user manual online.

Whirlpool Warranty

Usually Whirlpool covers tubs for 10 years, lid, gear, cover for 5 years and manufactures warranty for everything else is 1-2 years depending on a product. Call this number to find out about your whirlpool warranty 1-800-807-6777. Make sure you register your product before you call. Or you can call us also to schedule a service call, if you want to save yourself a time / headache and we will find the problem for the reasonable price. Then you can call Whirlpool and find out if that part is covered under warranty.