Encountering an IE (or 1E) error code on your LG washer can be quite frustrating. This error code indicates a water inlet problem or that your machine is not filling with water. Here, we provide a simple, step-by-step guide to troubleshoot this problem and get your washer back in working order.

Step 1: Check Water Supply

First, ensure the water supply to the washer is functioning properly. It might be that the water taps are not opened fully or water isn’t reaching your washer.

If the water supply is alright but the problem persists, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Inspect the Water Inlet Hose

Disconnect the water inlet hoses from the back of the washer. Now, inspect them for any signs of damage. A damaged hose may restrict the water flow causing the IE error code. If necessary, replace the damaged hoses.

Step 3: Check the Water Inlet Valve

If the hoses are in good shape, the problem might be with the water inlet valve. Unplug the washer, remove the back panel and locate the water inlet valve (it’s where the hoses connect). Inspect the valve for any blockages and if found, clean them off.

Then use your multimeter to measure resistance on that valve between lids. In most cases resistance should show anywhere from 500 to a 1500 ohms of resistance depending on the model. Finally do a visual inspection for calcium presence, usually between the hose and a valve there is a small filter that gets plugged up, check that as well.

If you are getting the same error code after all the cleaning, you might need to replace the water inlet valve.

Step 4: Clean the Filter Screen

Sometimes, the root cause of an IE error can be a clogged filter screen. You can find this screen inside each of the inlets. If you see any debris blocking the filter screen, you can clean it with a small brush or toothpick.

Step 5: Check the Water Pressure

If you’ve followed all the steps above and the issue persists, it’s time to check the water pressure. If the pressure is abnormally low, it may not be sufficient for the washer’s operation. In this case, calling in for professional help is advised.


Remember, if you feel uncomfortable conducting these checks or the issue remains unresolved, it’s best to seek professional help. An LG service center would be best equipped to resolve these issues without damaging your washing machine further.

Caught early and handled properly, an IE code doesn’t have to signal a major, costly repair for your LG washer. By following this guide, you may well be able to tackle the issue on your own, saving both time and money in the process.

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