Common Microwave Problems

Calgary Frigidaire microwave repair

Microwave is Not Heating

Common microwave appliance repair problem comes down to its main purpose – warming up food. Microwaves have heating components called diode and magnetron, which emits heat to the food. When burned out, your food won’t heat up and thus they need to be replaced with a new one to get your oven up and running once again.

Microwave Stops in the Middle of Cooking

When your Microwave shuts off in the middle of cooking, it’s probably a problem with the switchboard. A bad wiring connection heats up and causes the fuse to trip, and then cuts off the power. Additionally, microwaves need a good amount of space for ventilation. Placing them in a cramped space may cause them to overheat and shut down in the middle of cooking until it cools down again.

Microwave Plate is Not Spinning

A damaged motor beneath the plate is the most probable culprit behind your microwave plate not spinning as it should. This can be easily replaced by your technician. In case, it’s not a problem with the motor, the next thing you need to look into is the switchboard. Caution! Don’t try this yourself. Get a licensed technician to check it for you.

Sparking Microwave

Does it look like your microwave is enjoying some fireworks? Well, it’s probably just another indication that your oven has a problem. Peeling off paint from the inside walls is one of the most common causes of this, as microwaves instead of reflecting from a smooth surface begin to get absorbed and cause sparks. Also worth checking is the rack support for any damage and finally, look for the diode burnout.

No Light Inside

We all like to have a peek from time to time as our food cooks inside the microwave. But you feel blindfolded when the microwave lights are not working. This can be caused due a fused bulb, a faulty socket or bad wiring. In case, all of the above are in good shape, next you need to check the switchboard to see if it is even sending the power to the bulb or not.

Microwave Repair Safety

Microwave repair requires precision and a deep understanding of the appliance, making it one of the most challenging repairs in the industry. It’s crucial to recognize that microwaves are not just complex, but they’re also the most dangerous household appliances to repair. This is largely due to their high voltage output, which can pose significant risks even when the microwave is unplugged. Given the potential dangers, it’s imperative that if your microwave experiences issues, you refrain from DIY attempts and instead trust the expertise of professional repair technicians. These experts possess the knowledge, tools, and safety protocols to ensure that your microwave is safely restored to its optimal performance.

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