GE Appliance Service and Support

We are trained to work on wide variety of appliances and General Electric is one of those brands that we service and have experience with no matter what one you own, our professional technicians can offer the repairs and maintenance that you require. Our team of experts are on call to satisfy your needs.

General Electric is known for its reliability but even they break from time to time and if your service man doesn’t know that brand than this repair can get really expensive really fast. If it’s an emergency please call us to schedule an urgent repair.

For tech support call 1-888-502-2626

GE Appliance Manual

You should refer to your user manual first in order to troubleshoot some of the obvious problems and eliminate Call to a Service Man. However if you don’t feel confident you can always ask our expert to give you an idea if your appliance requires a repair. Here is a link to a database of major GE appliances. 

GE Warranty

If you’ve purchased a GE appliance, you may have noticed a registration card in the box. To find out more about your options call GE support and give them your model number. They will let you know if you still have a warranty left. Tel: +1(800)290-9029