Manufacturing error messages disclaimer

Every appliance has two manuals, one for the user and one for the service technician which have error codes. The big one that comes with the appliance and is provided to the customer is called < user manual > the other one is usually hidden under the cover of the appliance and called < tech sheet >. To find fault codes specifically for your appliance you need to locate both manuals and check the troubleshooting guide section of this manual.

This page has some of the common failure codes that we come across in our daily routine. The description of each error code is just a hint for the professional technical to narrow down the search of the problem. Information that you find in these pages will be strictly for the trained technician and advanced DIY repairman who has the tools and training to carry out a repair on their own. We do not guarantee the accuracy of those manuals because as we mentioned before you need to have a hard copy of your tech sheet and user manual specifically to your appliance in order to locate the problem.

However, lots of manuals that are designed for a single manufacturer will have identical diagnostics modes and will share similar error codes to help with troubleshooting. Please feel free to investigate some appliance’s error codes and see if the description correlates to the problems that your appliances if having. Then if you get stuck you can always give us a call for more information and advice. We would definitely take notes and your findings into consideration prior to Service Call.